...when I went from being a VICTIM and operating out of FEAR to becoming a crystal clear visionary and choosing to LIVE!

Prior to '98, it “looked like” I had it ALL. A very successful career, 3 beautiful children, a good-looking husband, a big house, nice cars, the whole package. However, appearances are not always what they seem. Am I right?

On the inside I was stressed out, working 60-hour weeks and miserable in my marriage. I made decisions and choices because I believed I “had” to, or was deathly afraid to make a change. I was embarrassed that on the outside my life was so picture perfect, I was afraid of judgment, I resented my relationship and believed I was "stuck" in that space for life. I had money, three wonderful children and yet still felt unhappy inside and surrendered that this was my lot in life. So I lived the day to day "easy" path and stayed stuck in my secret pain.

That was until I chose to take a personal growth training called “Summit”, and in one two-hour module, I had an absolute mind blowing and life changing experience. I actually woke up and saw EVERYTHING differently. My thinking was RESPONSIBLE for all my results! I learned I didn’t “HAVE TO” anything, I could choose and create whatever I wanted.

THAT Was Empowering! From that point on I changed the trajectory of my life.

In fact, my life is 180 degrees different. I didn't know how "Infinite Possibility" is POSSIBLE, much less how to get there.  I KNOW HOW - I HAVE A MAP and I want to share it with you. (see my 30 steps to transformation). This work is my calling, my purpose, my fulfillment: to help others see what they don't see, understand the how and why of where they are, and then experientially assist them to MOVE. CHANGE doesn't happen by reading about it, talking about it or sharing about it; CHANGE happens with purposeful and intentional exercises to rewire imagery, emotions and belief systems. BELIEVE I can help you!

Your Life has a calling. What is it you really want? 

You know there is something you wish to be better, more, different.  

You can COMMIT to change.

You can BREAKTHROUGH the barriers.

You can CREATE the love, health, wealth, connection and success you want!

Come join me on the Journey! Love and light~