Hear from Them! Colleen's Business and Life Coaching Clients

Gregory K.

Gregory K.

Gregory K.


I have achieved incredible results and have experienced life affirming breakthroughs. Colleen ALWAYS ensures that I feel cared for and supported yet still holds me accountable for the work that I say I want to achieve. She has an innate ability to get to the core of what is needed, instantly has 100 ideas for achieving breakthrough, creates a plan that is practical and supportive and then unfailingly commits to me and to my results. 

Gina B.

Gregory K.

Gregory K.


Professionally, I have been stagnant for years. I had so much fear and anxiety around managing the business alone therefore I did “nothing” and because of that mindset, my business did nothing. Colleen created and developed a customized training first for me and then for my team. Her trainings are purposeful and create movement within an organization. Today our company has a crystal-clear vision and goals. Since adding her training, I have hired 3 new people and signed the largest customer ever.

Jillian W.

Jillian W.

Jillian W.


Many teachers, coaches, speakers can recite facts, give exercises, tell us what to do. It is the extremely rare individual who can truly lead by example. Colleen is everything she teaches... authentic, honest, transparent, non- judgmental. She always comes from a place of pure love and is so invested in supporting anyone in finding their path, purpose and passion. My life and my relationships have dramatically changed for the better because of my training and coaching with Colleen.

Patty V.

Jillian W.

Jillian W.


Every time I walk away from a workshop or life coaching of Colleen Crawford's I am amazed at how much I learn about myself.  I become grounded with my true self and release the negative distractions that hold me back.  Today, I am clear on who I am and my goals as they pertain to my finances, my physical health, my spirituality and my personal relationships. My life will never be the same and I am eternally grateful. 

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Corporate Training: Impact and Inspiration

"Colleen has the tools and the skills to bring out the best in any individual.  In a room full of people, she captivated the audience with her enthusiasm.  Her focus on several principles allowed our group to improve our personal and professional commitments.  We have been growing steadily over the past several years and Colleen’s energy and insight allowed us to take the steps towards the future with additional knowledge.  My team is very clear on the direction we are headed and Colleen’s presentation has given us additional guidance to achieve these results." -Dr. Jeff Rosenthal

Corporate Training: Success Principles

"This training opened my eyes to things I never thought in-depth about before. I was able to implement many of the principals right away into my daily work and life such as how to relate to other personalities and how to be open to other perspectives." -Peggy V.

"This was an unexpected blessing on my first day at this company. I found that I am now better equipped to handle a variety of personality types more effectively." -Patty G.

"I found so much value in understanding different perspectives and how to communicate better as well as develop better relationships." -Joe S.

Google Infinity: Small Group 12 Month Intensive

"I’m excited I’m excited I’m excited! Why am I so excited? Because I am more than halfway thru my year-long commitment to “Google infinity” and would I recommend it? 100%! Its challenging, it’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of accountability calls, however the shifts, and the growth, and the depth of relationship that comes from all this work is beyond description. I do not have the vocabulary to fully articulate how incredible this year long Journey into self-growth is and am I have no words to explain what an incredible mentor teacher life coach Colleen is, so to anyone who is considering enrolling: absolutely 100% the best thing that I’ve done, even more so than any of the PSI courses. If you are considering it, just DO IT! Enroll in Google infinity!" - Jillian Wolstein

Vision Workshop

" Very informative, made me think more about my values and goals. Thought you were very informative."  - Cindy 

"Refreshed my attitude and kept me on track for my year. Colleen's energy and way of presenting is perfect, but don’t stop there because there is always room for improvement." -Vince

"Found so much value! Puts what I have been thinking into reality and knowing how to work it every day. Would love longer sessions, I could have stayed all night. Thank you." - Kari

"This workshop makes you see things from a different perspective and different outlook on life. What you give you get back." - Kodi

"The workshop was much more than I expected. You're an amazing coach and speaker. You deliver the information on a level that all understand. Thank you so very much!" - Judy